An Ode to Colleagues

I love having colleagues. I like the word colleagues, collegial and collegiality. While now mainly used in academic circles it could be used in other situations such as a sports club (sporting collegues) or socially (comedy collegaues?).

We are all colleagaues with each other on our journey through our respective lives. Colleagues do not have to be friends, but they can be. They are people who have a shared sense of purpose respect and are working towards a common vision. It is something about the shared experience of working closely together and appreciating each other’s unique skills and teamwork (see, sport comes in again!).

My dictionary app talks about a shared responsibility. It comes from early 16th century French word collegue and the Latin collega – together with. Going together on a shared journey? So that alludes to a destination, but to me, focuses on the journey not the destination. The experience of working together.

Another Latin word, collegialis talks about a partnership and an association. While I am still see collegiality with a blurred vision, I know I am experiencing it very strongly here.

We have a clear sense of purpose for our direction through a shared vision and good leadership. We all work toward these lofty ambitions, not always at the same speed, but we stumble, walk, run at times in the general correct direction and there is something satisfying about being in this type of environment.

It is the business world Nirvana for all work teams to aspire to. A group of individuals, who stay individuals with their strengths and weaknesses, but are complimented and supported by other team members at different times in the journey. Thank you my colleagues, I really enjoy working with you! :-)

P.S. Technically an ode is sung or written in a lyrical way, but I was hearing a kind of music when I was writing this!