Time for a BOOC or mOOC

Time for a BOOC or a mOOC?

Is it time for the MOOC concept to expand…downwards? Apple brought out the iPad and then the iPad mini. Is there a potential market for BOOCs (Boutique Open Online Courses) or mOOCs (Mini/Micro Open Online Courses). These could be hosted in the existing LMS (Learning Management Systems – e.g. Blackboard or MOODLE) within institutions providing a familiar toolset for teaching staff to use.

Student enrollments could be limited to a set number and once a course is full, incoming students would just have to wait until the course is run again. Why is there a current obcession around big numbers?

If an academic wishes to share their subject expertise with the world, and they can do it outside of their day to day duties where they work, this should be encouraged by institutions.

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