I dislike hate

I suppose it started with Talking Head’s Psycho Killer. That line “I hate people when they’re not polite” is the first reference I can think of to a trend I have seen over the last few months where people are ‘hating’ everything!

“I hate that TV show”, I hate fish, “I hate that colour”, I hate being late. etc. etc.

Now what we are really saying is that we dislike something, but hate it? Hate is a really strong word that is ugly (in my view) and shows a level of emotion that should be keep for really bad things.

I hate mass murder (or any type of murder actually) √

I hate injustice √

I hate really bad human qualities like prejudice √

These are things we should hate. But hating all fish just because you don’t like the taste of some fish, isn’t that generalising a little?

Why people can’t just say, “I don’t like shellfish, thanks very much” instead of “I hate shellfish” I don’t know. Sadly the world is full of too much hate as it is It does not need us to add it to every casual conversation that we have.

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