Digital Alibi

As I was checking in with FourSquare on my iPhone a few days ago I started to wonder if we are approaching a new legal age where the GPS device we have in our pocket could be used as an alibi or a defence in a court of law.

While checking in to Facebook at an airport, or FourSquare at your gym is only evidence that your device was there, it could make the argument interesting. For most of us, having that device on our person, or very close at least is highly important. These devices contain a large part of our life and as one Japanese student once commented; “If I lose my phone, I lose my head!”

While being able to use a digital device defence is intriguing perhaps another concern is more pressing. Could a company who was looking at getting rid of an employee use our mobile footprint to support their dismissal case?

By following an employees check in’s and posts, could we¬† be caught out, and perhaps be found somewhere where we should not be during our work day? I’m playing with these technologies to see how they might fit into a new educational perspective, but we must consider the negative use as well as the positive.

Is anybody out there? Or should it be, we know exactly where you are out there? Check in at your peril? Or become paranoid and don’t use the technology because it MIGHT be used against you. I suppose if you have nothing to hide, or can defend your actions and decisions, post away (sounds better than ‘check-in away’!).

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